Taquiero Taco Patio- be ready to fall in Love with Tacos

Hello, Southern California, more specifically Orange County!  There’s a new restaurant in town and it’s really good!

“TAQUIERO TACO PATIO” is located in Irvine, California  near the University of California Irvine. These tacos are authentic. These tacos are good. These tacos are tasty. These tacos are filled with tons of flavor. These tacos you NEED in your life!

“Taquiero” is a fun play on Te Quiero which translates to I love you or I like you. There logo is super cute and this wall is a great spot for a selfie.


You are immediately greeted by a Welcome sign and a large display case of candy! Yes, CANDY! They happily give you a piece of candy of your liking while you wait to order your food. 

 Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. We couldn’t make up our minds on what to order and after speaking with the cashier she recommended some good food; continue reading to find out what we ate.

Welcome to Taquiero!

While you wait to order your food feel free to read the menu up on the wall and be ready to select some of the best tacos that you will ever have on this side of the border. I’m serious when I say that! There are many taquierias in Southern California and you can definitely find Baja style tacos, but these tacos from Taquiero are one of a kind.

The menu is really good!  


We ordered the Cochinita Pibil Taco which is a Yucatan style pulled pork with pickled onions and is really good. If you’ve never had Cochinita Pibil, it’s definitely worth trying.
Our second selection was the Al Pastor taco.

Al Pastor is rotisserie marinated pork with cilantro, onion, pineapple, avocado sauce and salsa it’s really flavorful. Each bite from the first to the last one was delicious. This is how real Al Pastor meat is cooked, slowly and turning.

Cooking Al Pastor

Lastly we tried the Mulitas. Prior to today, we had never tried a Mulitas. Apparently Mulitas are  a Tijuana style quesadilla with Carne Asada (or which ever meat filling you’d like) with lots of cheese. The cheese… oh the cheese was so yummy!

Mulitas with Carne Asada

They have lots of beverages to pick from including Aguas Frescas, Horchata, Jamaica, Melon, Mexican Sodas, Beer and Wine.  The Melon Agua Fresca was refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness. Often times, you go to other restaurants and the Agua Frescas are extremely sweet with a chemical flavor. They make their Aguas Frescas daily at Taquiero from real ingredients and not powders. If you’ve never had a Mexican Soda, you’ve been missing out! Be ready to taste goodness… Mexican Sodas are made with Real Sugar Cane Sugars it makes a huge difference in the flavor profile of the soft drink. Do yourself a favor and buy a Mexican Soda and purchase a regular American made Coke do a taste challenge and be prepared to be amazed. Once you have the Mexican sodas, there is no going back.

Taquiero makes their tortillas from scratch from beginning to end with non-GMO corn which is acquired to start the process in order to produce their own “Masa” and then they convert it into a fluffy and savory Tortilla. You can see the tortillas being pressed and cooked directly in front of you.

All of their salsas are also made fresh each day with local ingredients. We really liked their Salsa Macha which contains peanuts and reminds me of a Mole sauce.

We saw lots of people eating the “Fries.” We didn’t get to try the Carne Asada Fries which come with, cheese, avocado sauce/guacamole, chipotle sauce and sour cream or the Al Pastor Fries.

We also saw people eating Nachos which are made from Rotisserie marinated pork, cheese, avocado sauce/guacamole, Chipotle sauce, sour cream, but we certainly will on our next visit or with Carne Asada.

They offer a variety of imported and local craft and bottle beers to be enjoyed along with the best tacos.

Craft Beers from Tijuana Mexico

Beer and Wine Bar

Michelada with Mango Cart Beer from Golden Road Brewery

We met Co-Owner Sean who happens to look like your typical Southern California blue-eyed beach boy until you start talking to him and realize how “Mexican” he really is (his own words, he looks like he’s from Guadalajara, Jalisco) Sean has lived in Mexico for over 10 years and his business partner Robert is from Tijuana. Their love for tacos has no borders and they are proud to have opened their first location in Irvine California.

Patio Seating

They have plenty of seating inside and outside on the patio in addition to bar seating.

We will definitely be returning to Taquiero Taco Patio! can’t wait for my husband and children to come and eat some authentic Mexican street style tacos along with the homemade churros with “Afters” ice cream. We 

Tacos are always a good option!

Taquiero is Open Every Day from 10:30am to 12:00am

They are located at 4517 Campus Dr, Irvine, CA, 92612

(949) 333-1671

Add TAQUIERO to your list of must EAT at places, because sometimes you just need a taco and beer. 

Taquiero Taco Patio

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