“Welcome to Batuu” Star Wars Land Galaxy’s Edge Opening Day May 31, 2019

Let’s start by simply saying WOW! Star Wars Land Galaxy’s Edge opened yesterday May 31, 2019 and we were fortunate to be part of the 5pm to 9pm reservation group to visit Batuu. This planet is beyond anything that we have ever experienced or could have ever imagined. Batuu is a fantasy planet which most resembles Jakku in the Force Awakens and is located on the outer rim between Frontierland and Critter Country at Disneyland.

We checked in at Star Wars Launch Bay two hours prior to our reservation time to enter Star Wars Land. You had to show your QR Code before you were allowed to enter the ramp which then you were allowed to proceed into the building. Once inside, each person over the age of 18 had to show their government issued identification card in addition to a park ticket or annual pass. Your entire group must be present in order to receive the color coded bands. Each color represents a four hour time slot which allows you to visit Galaxy’s Edge. You may not enter before you allotted time and once you exit you may not return. After getting you reservation bracelet on, it must be activated by a cast member. Once the activation is complete you may exit the launch bay or you can shop the official merchandise located on the second floor. Of course we went shopping and to make a few purchases of our own.

The new Disney maps feature Star Wars Land and includes additional helpful information on services within the land.

The new ride Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run was awesome! Fly the Millennium Falcon on a thrilling interactive smuggling mission. We got to ride it twice and both rides were very different. As you enter the building you quickly notice all of the attention to detail that was placed into building this new ride,the Disney engineers did a phenomenal job. You are welcomed by Hondo Ohnaka, who apparently needs help moving some cargo and isn’t too keen on answering many questions. This is where the assignment begins.

We enter the ship via the main hold and walk into the lounge with the legendary Dejarik Holochess Table that we’ve seen in so many of the movies, Mason was in awe. You are grouped into a party of 6 people, next you will be assigned a position on the Millennium Falcon as Pilot, Gunner or Engineer. You are given a white card or a brown card with your job. Once you move into the holding area you are to line up based on your title. PS. those who arrive first are usually selected as Pilot.

You continue to walk through a few more tunnels which ooze detail after detail on every square inch that you can see.

One of our pilots on flight #1 giving Mason a high five

You find your seat based on your assignment and buckle up. We were chosen as Pilots, Gunner and Engineer. We got to experience all three assignments and they’re all very important in order to determine the outcome of your mission. Mason was chosen as Gunner on the first and second missions and you can hear him excitedly yelling, “Die, Die, Die,” throughout the recording. Madison and Natalia experienced being Engineers and sat in the third row during the first flight and were Pilots on the second mission. As pilots, you are instructed to man the controls to rise up and down, or go left and right all of which is on the screen directly in front of you. Since Natalia was controlling the up and down controls (sit in the right front seat if you want this job) she got to pull the lever and thrust into light speed, it was pretty fascinating.

Natalia: The ride itself is similar to Star Tours as this is a motion simulator ride. If you have motion sickness issues, take some medicine ahead of time or be prepared to have an icky feeling. Mason: Smugglers Run reminds him of the Mission Space ride at Epcot at Walt Disney World. Madison: It’s an interactive ride with lots of buttons to push and you crash into rocks asteroids while you are attacked by fighters, it’s a lot of fun.

This ride can be a bit scary for younger children especially if they haven’t been exposed to the Star Wars franchise or if they cannot differentiate between what is real and what is fiction.

Prior to yesterday’s opening, Disneyland did not sell alcohol outside of Club 33. You can now visit Oga’s Cantina and enjoy a maximum of two adult beverages per person. This is what their opening day menu looks like. https://disneyland.disney.go.com/dining/disneyland/ogas-cantina/menus/

Mason and Madison both ordered Oga’s Obsession, which was made from Odwalla® Lemonade, Cotton Candy Flavor, and Blueberry Popping Pearls with a bursting Dried Fruit Mixture $7.50

Oga’s Obsession

Natalia enjoyed the Dagobah Slug Slinger made from Herradura Reposado Tequila, Bols Blue Curaçao, Citrus Juices, Ginger, Herbs, and Bitters $15.00 

Dagobah Slug Slinger

The group next to us ordered these beautiful drinks. The yellow drink is a Fuzzy Tauntaun made with Cîroc Peach Vodka, Bols Peach Schnapps, and Simply Orange® topped with Tangerine, Pure Cane Sugar, “Buzzz” Foam. The blue drink is the Jedi Mind Trick made with Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit and Rose Vodka, John D. Taylor’s Velvet Falernum, Bols Blue Curaçao, White Grape Juice, Lime Juice, and Grapefruit Bitters. Unfortunately, I don’t recall what the small drink was.

The Cantina itself is gorgeous! This will definitely be the place to hang out while visiting Disneyland, no trip will be complete without a visit to Oga’s. Enjoy the tunes played by DJ R-3X, otherwise known as Rex, the former Starspeeder 3000 pilot droid from the original Star Tours.

There’s lots to see on Batuu every turn you make you will find something that will captivate you. Four hours isn’t enough time to really explore this new land especially if you plan on eating and drinking, shopping and going on the Millennium Falcon ride. I guess we will just have to wait until after June 23, 2019 when reservations are no longer required and we can explore freely. We ran into Kylo Ren and a couple of Storm Troopers, luckily we were able to capture this on our cell phones so that we could share it with you.

Originally we planned to eat dinner in Star Wars Land however we realized that by sitting down to eat in Docking Bay 7 that we would most likely lose a lot of precious time. We opted to grab a quick bite from Ronto Roasters where we tried the savory grilled sausage and roasted pork wrap. The wrap was not a hit with any of us. While eating the wrap we spotted a hidden Mickey, we know that there are plenty of Easter Eggs and little surprises waiting to be discovered.

Ronto Roasters Wrap
Our dining area
Hidden Mickey

The shopping is an out of this world experiences including Savi’s Workshop where you can build your own custom Lightsaber. Head on over to the Droid Depot where you can design, assemble and activate the droid that you’ve always been looking for. Star Wars Land was built for the older fans, those who can afford to buy toys that are on display in your home instead of tossed in the toy bucket in your kids play room.


As light turned into dark, Star Wars Land became illuminated. The warm tone colors of the land set the mood for an exotic, happy, friendly, social environment. a fantasy planet you won’t recognize from any of the main films, tucked away in the outer rim between that far off galaxy and Disneyland.

The best part of Star Wars Land is that it’s not complete. They’re still building Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, which is slated to be a roller coaster type of ride that will put you in the middle of a battle between the First Order and the Resistance. The new ride should open before the year is over.

We couldn’t say goodbye before returning back to Earth without bringing back a few friends with us! Star Wars Land Galaxy’s Edge – Batuu was definitely FUN!

With a side of ~EatTravelFun

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