A Mexican Fiesta and Tequila Tasting with our family in Riviera Maya

We love to Eat. We love to Travel. We love to have Fun.

Natalia: I tend to share a lot of pictures and footage on my social media sites, because it’s fun and it allows me to look back and remember a moment in time. The older that I get, I find myself starting conversations with, “Did I tell you this already?” or “What was I going to say?” Since the days of keeping an actual journal and printing photographs are a way of the past, I figured the best way to keep our memories alive is to make them accessible to the world. In addition to EatTravelFun.com you can like us on Instagram: @eattravelfun_ and on Facebook: @eattravelfuninfo hopefully you like one of our sites.

Now let’s go back to eating, traveling and having fun. You never know where we might go next, what we might do for fun and what new foods we will eat. You could find us skiing down a mountain in Park City, Utah with a delicious bowl of truffle mac and cheese. You could find us floating in a pool with a margarita in our hands. You could find us zip lining through the jungle, exploring caves, parasailing, or on a roller coaster with a Go Pro strapped to our heads. You could find us sitting front row at concerts, visiting ancient ruins, painting and sipping on wine. You could fine us dancing under the stars, running marathons in Greece or running with the bulls in Spain. You could find us on the tequila train, doing a whiskey flight school, or on a wine tour. You could find us fine dinning at Michelin Star restaurants, cooking and grilling at home, having coffee at the beach, enjoying picnics with friends, driving through IN-N-OUT for the best fast food cheeseburgers (I just gave you one of my opinions), picking apples from an orchard, eating from street vendors, having a hot dog at a ball game, making pasta in Italy or hunting down our favorite food trucks. As you can see, we do a lot of things and you will never know what we will be doing next unless you check back with us.

For whatever reason, people like us and throughout the years, we have been fortunate to have met some incredible individuals during our travels. We have shared a variety of meals together, have laughed many times and have grown our family through friendships. For us, family is everything and friends are the family we choose. From time to time, you will get to meet some of these special people in our lives as they join us or we join them on adventures.

Join us as we travel the world sharing our experiences along the way. We promise to share our opinions on where we EAT, where we TRAVEL and where we have FUN. Sometimes, our opinions will be the same, other times we won’t agree and there can always be a split decision. One thing is for certain, we will always have something to say!

Come with us and enjoy EAT TRAVEL FUN


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