“Food makes tummy happy,” as so eloquently stated by my three year old nephew Colin.

Sharing food with others brings a wealth of benefits. It’s believed that by breaking bread together it leads to a much happier, healthier, longer life. Food is an important part of culture. Food is probably one of the best parts of traveling and having fun. Food and celebrations unite people giving them a common bond and is an expression of cultural identity. Food is used all over the world to celebrate special occasions. Food brings people together around one table and allows for history to be passed down from one generation to the next. Food is a portal into family, culture and love.

“Food gives us life, food gives us nourishment.” ~ Mason

“Food is tasty, especially Mom’s lasagna!” ~ Madison

“Food unites us as family and creates moments which last a lifetime.” ~ Natalia

“Food, wine, tequila and vodka makes the world a better place.” ~ Mitch

Check back with us regularly as we share the foods that we love, foods that we discover and have never tried before. Learn about new restaurants we eat at or where we experience foods in a new way. Allow us to show you and tell you all about the new flavors and dishes that we find all around the world. We are equal opportunist foodies, eat all types of foods and sometimes we eat dessert first!


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